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war is the enemy of the poor
Issues, Military Budget

A study guide for the war budget

FEDERAL BUDGET ISSUES MONEY IN: REVENUE (Tax Receipts) MONEY OUT: EXPENDITURES (Government Spending/Public Investment) DEFICIT/SURPLUS= Difference (plus or minus) between revenue and expenditure in one fiscal year. Reflects political decisions. Current Deficit=$1.5 Trillion (Tripled from 2008 to 2009). NATIONAL DEBT= Accumulation of government borrowing over the years. 2001 Debt=$5 Trillion […]

Celebration of victory for democracy

Vigil in Solidarity with the People of Egypt

KNOW endorsed and participated in a vigil with others who peacefully support freedom for the people of Egypt. This was a spontaneous, peaceful, and solemn expression of our admiration and support for the brave pro-democracy demonstrators in Egypt.  We also remember all those who gave their lives and hope for […]


KNOW statement on FBI raids of anti-war activists

Statement approved by KNOW and published on Committee to Stop FBI Repression web site: Saturday, November 13, 2010.   For more information on this issue, go to: We in Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War believe the FBI raids of anti-war activists in September 2010 are symptomatic of a trend: […]


KNOW Statement of Principles

KALAMAZOO NONVIOLENT OPPONENTS OF WAR STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES OUR MISSION: We non-violently resist war and militarism, and work to create a world in which human beings care for one another and for the earth, and in which the human imagination turns away from hatred, violence, and domination, toward peace and […]