2.9 % yard signs for peace

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The U.S. spends the following annually on the military:

  • $740 billion from the funds allocated by Congress to the Department of Defense (DOD.gov)
  • $243.3 billion for Veterans benefits (VA.gov)
  • $49.4 billion for maintenance and upgrading nuclear weapons found in the Department of Energy budget (energy.gov >nnsa >budget)
  • $48 billion in interest payments for the U.S. Military’s portion of the overall U.S. debt (www.armscontrolcenter.org>fact-sheet-u-s>budget)

When people read this yard sign it’s our hope they will begin to realize how large the American military budget is.

The U.N. estimates $30 billion can end hunger on earth.

We are inviting you to display a yard sign on your front yard or in a street-facing window.

There’s no charge for the signs at this time; supporters have graciously donated sufficient funds to print the initial batch of 125 signs.

However, if you would like to support the advance of the campaign please consider making a donation of $5 or $10.

Funds will be used to purchase more signs, provide educational opportunities related to the cause, and fund printing of informational pieces.

How else can I support the 2.9% campaign?

  • Engage your neighbors- ask them to join the campaign
  • Contact your legislators- contact your legislators and ask them to support this campaign
  • Stay engaged- We plan to establish an online group to create community around the campaign
  • Email campaign coordinator Steve Senesi for all the latest specifics: steve.senesi@gmail.com

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