US Hands Off Venezuela!

Here is the statement which KNOW distributed at the protest at Rep. Fred Upton’s office, written by Danny Jaruzel, KNOW intern and outreach coordinator:

Hands Off Venezuela!

Regardless of one’s views of Nicolas Maduro he is the democratically elected and legitimate President of Venezuela, and the United States government has no business encroaching on the democratic process of another country. While we acknowledge the current situation in Venezuela is unstable, we would prefer a diplomatic and democratic solution to the economic strife faced by the people of Venezuela. We stand with the Venezuelan people in whatever democratic decision they make. We hold the position that all people of all countries deserve the right to self-determination, and flatly reject that bureaucrats in Washington D.C should make decisions for those in other countries. America’s history of intervention in Latin America has often led to violence, instability, and authoritarian governments. We refuse to stand by as the United States government once again readies itself for an unauthorized and illegal war.


Please contact your representative and urge them to stand against this illegal foreign intervention.


Representative Fred Upton: (269) 385-0039