KNOW Speaks Out About 2016 National Election Results

KNOW Speaks Out About 2016 National Election Results


In light of the recent election, Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War (KNOW) would like to reaffirm its commitment to creating and promoting a world free from violence, oppression, exploitation, and war.

KNOW is committed to a just and pluralistic society in which everyone is respected and equally valued, regardless of their race, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

KNOW stands in solidarity with our fellow brothers and sisters in supporting all efforts of inclusion and respect for diversity. We stand in steadfast opposition to racism, violence, hate speech, xenophobia, and violence. Unity of our community is essential if we are to change our nation’s priorities away from war and toward providing health care, education, jobs, childcare, environmental action and so many other urgent needs.

KNOW is deeply concerned about the rhetoric and policy plans of our newly elected government. We will work to develop effective and creative ways to resist any and all policies promoted by the incoming Presidential and Congressional administrations that do not promote respect, dignity and justice for all people and the Earth.

If you have similar concerns, please get involved in KNOW!

You can join our weekly peace vigil every Sunday from 12-1pm in front of the Federal Building (at Michigan Ave. and Park St.) in downtown Kalamazoo. Additionally, citizens are welcome to attend our monthly KNOW planning meetings and get involved with our work. We will also be holding a retreat to plan for the coming year in January. You are welcome to join us.

For more information visit us at, like us on Facebook and join our email list by sending a request to
-Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War Steering Committee: Karen Chadwick, Amy Damashek, Raelyn Joyce, Robert Kildea, Ron Kramer, Pat Lynn, Daniel Smith, & Dave Staiger.

KNOW MISSION STATEMENT: We non-violently resist war and militarism, and work to create a world in which human beings care for one another and for the earth, and in which the human imagination turns away from hatred, violence, and domination, toward peace and justice.