LOVE trumps HATE. (a poem)

LOVE trumps HATE.   (a poem by Taj James, suggested by KNOW steering committee member Pat Lynn)
the invitation has arrived
to step into our courage
and our full humanity
from this day forward
the harm can only unfold
and multiply and spread
with our silence
with our consent
with our participation
we will not be silent
we do not consent and
we will not participate
in legitimating violence, lies and division
the love that we are
the love that connects us all
the love that bends history
even in this dark moment
towards liberation
We are one
we are many and
we are one
it is time
dear friends
the revolution of love
must be completed
And it is only possible
if on this day
we commit our lives
to walking the hard road
because there is now only one way forward
(adapted from work by Taj James, founder and Executive Director of the Movement Strategy Center)