Celebration of victory for democracy

Vigil in Solidarity with the People of Egypt

KNOW endorsed and participated in a vigil with others who peacefully support freedom for the people of Egypt. This was a spontaneous, peaceful, and solemn expression of our admiration and support for the brave pro-democracy demonstrators in Egypt.  We also remember all those who gave their lives and hope for […]


KNOW statement on FBI raids of anti-war activists

Statement approved by KNOW and published on Committee to Stop FBI Repression web site: Saturday, November 13, 2010.   For more information on this issue, go to: We in Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War believe the FBI raids of anti-war activists in September 2010 are symptomatic of a trend: […]


KNOW Statement of Principles

KALAMAZOO NONVIOLENT OPPONENTS OF WAR STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES OUR MISSION: We non-violently resist war and militarism, and work to create a world in which human beings care for one another and for the earth, and in which the human imagination turns away from hatred, violence, and domination, toward peace and […]

Afghanistan, Issues

Out of Afghanistan

“Out of Afghanistan.”  You might see these hand-painted signs, held up by a friendly group, in front of the Federal Building, if you happen to drive down Michigan Avenue downtown between noon and 1:00 pm on any given Sunday.  This is a weekly vigil by Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War […]

Memorial Day March
Issues, Military Budget

Military Budget

MILITARISM AND THE NATION’S PRIORITIES: As the military budget expands, the nation increasingly lacks the financial means and political will to deal with the true crises of our time, which include poverty, climate change, and the severe depletion of the earth’s resources. KNOW favors a drastic reduction of the military […]

Issues, Nuclear Weapons Ban

Nuclear Weapons Ban

The use of nuclear weapons is unthinkable, the threat of using nuclear weapons is immoral, and the possession of nuclear weapons constitutes a reckless endangerment of life on earth. We believe the United States must renounce the use of nuclear weapons, and begin dismantling and destroying its nuclear arsenal, as […]