Rev. Dave Knapp’s editorial on Islamophobia

An editorial cartoon generated by Chip Bok, back on September 12th, depicted arid terrain upon which had been erected a flag that said, “Islamic State.”  In the foreground was a terrorist prepared to execute two captives.  He said to them, “Convert to Islam, or die!”  One of them replied, “You […]


Love in the age of dying icebergs

“Love in the age of dying icebergs” a poem by Jessica Clark I wonder if we will love as we have always loved, as geologic structures slip into the sea solidity crumbling, islands swallowed by the sea. There are peaks and valleys, whole mountain ranges on the verge of eruption […]

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Journey to Palestine/Israel

This summer 2012, with the support of KNOW, Michael Dwyer traveled to Palestine/Israel as part of a Hope Equals youth peace delegation.  Michael is a peace activist, a founder of West Michigan Justice for Palestine student group at Western Michigan University. He recently graduated with a degree in English/Creative Writing. […]