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The Law and the Prophets – film Dec. 1st

“‘The Law and the Prophets’ shines a bright light on Israel’s systematic dispossession, dehumanization, and denial of rights to Palestinians and underscores the emptiness of talk of “peace” that doesn’t prioritize stopping these abuses and ending Israeli impunity.” Thursday, Dec. 1st, at 6:00 pm Western Michigan University, Sangren Hall, room […]

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Christian Sorensen presentation on the War Industry

Saturday morning, April 23, KNOW Zoom with Christian Sorensen. Christian is a researcher and author focused on the US war industry. A military veteran, he contributes frequently to media outlets. In this presentation Christian distills his 400-page book on the subject into an easily digestible and fascinating one hour. He […]

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2.9 % yard signs for peace

The U.S. spends the following annually on the military: $740 billion from the funds allocated by Congress to the Department of Defense ( $243.3 billion for Veterans benefits ( $49.4 billion for maintenance and upgrading nuclear weapons found in the Department of Energy budget ( >nnsa >budget) $48 billion in […]

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The Climate Crisis and Imperialism

The Climate Crisis and Imperialism: in order to have a future, we need to end both By Tyler Boes, KNOW outreach coordinator Sept. 4, 2019 According to a recent BBC article, the climate crisis is worse than scientists ever could’ve imagined, and we have less than two years to take […]


Film and discussion on Palestinian children – Aug. 7

HOW ARE THE CHILDREN? A film by the United Church of Christ Palestine Israel Network Advocating for Human Rights of All Children, including Palestinian kids and kids at our southern border Discussion, Refreshments, Resources Sponsored by: Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of WarDO YOU KNOW ABOUT HOUSE BILL 2407? Promoting Human Rights […]


Testimony to City Commission – Rev. Ruth Moerdyke

Testimony to City Commission re: Resolution to Support Human Rights for Israelis and Palestinians by Ending US Military Aid to Israel   Rev. Ruth Moerdyke   5/6/19     Friends…neighbors…and commissioners…   I want to thank you for the time and consideration given to this resolution.  The Commission has a […]