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2.9 % yard signs for peace

2.9 % yard signs for peace

The U.S. spends the following annually on the military: $740 billion from the funds allocated by Congress to the Department of Defense ( $243.3 billion for Veterans benefits ( $49.4 billion for maintenance and upgrading nuclear weapons found in the Department of Energy budget ( >nnsa >budget) $48 billion in interest payments for the U.S. […]

The Climate Crisis and Imperialism

The Climate Crisis and Imperialism

The Climate Crisis and Imperialism: in order to have a future, we need to end both By Tyler Boes, KNOW outreach coordinator Sept. 4, 2019 According to a recent BBC article, the climate crisis is worse than scientists ever could’ve imagined, and we have less than two years to take radical action before many of […]

Film and discussion on Palestinian children – Aug. 7

Film and discussion on Palestinian children – Aug. 7

HOW ARE THE CHILDREN? A film by the United Church of Christ Palestine Israel Network Advocating for Human Rights of All Children, including Palestinian kids and kids at our southern border Discussion, Refreshments, Resources Sponsored by: Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of WarDO YOU KNOW ABOUT HOUSE BILL 2407? Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under […]

What goes around, comes around. Testimony by Daniel Smith on May 6 to City Commission.

I’m Daniel Smith, I don’t live within the city limits, but I worked at Upjohn and Pfizer, studied and worked at Western and I stand for peace every Sunday in front of the Federal Building on the corner of Park and Michigan. It’s important that we not conflate criticism of Israel government policy with antisemitism.  […]

“We want to bring the strong to their senses, not to their knees” Testimony by Barbara Hasan on May 6

May 6, 2019: City Commission Meeting My name is Barbara Hasan. I am one of the contributors to the Resolution to support Human Rights for Israelis and Palestinians by ending U.S. military aid to Israel. I visited Palestine/Israel in 2015. I would ask that we begin to re-frame our view of the Palestinians as a […]

Testimony by Paul Clements to City Commission in support of Human Rights resolution

City Commission Resolution: Paul Clements comments in support of Resolution to Support Human Rights for Israelis and Palestinians by Ending US Military Aid to Israel Thank you, Commissioners, fellow citizens, and friends. I would like to speak to why I support the resolution. The establishment of the state of Israel can’t be understood outside the […]

Testimony to City Commission regarding military detention of Palestinian children

My name is Raelyn Joyce, from Kalamazoo.  I’m  a Quaker, an active member of Kalamazoo Friends Meeting , located at 508 Denner in the city of Kalamazoo.  Our congregation’s peace and social action committee  has endorsed this resolution.  I’m also  a founding member of Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War, and I consider myself an activist […]

Testimony to City Commission – Rev. Ruth Moerdyke

Testimony to City Commission re: Resolution to Support Human Rights for Israelis and Palestinians by Ending US Military Aid to Israel   Rev. Ruth Moerdyke   5/6/19     Friends…neighbors…and commissioners…   I want to thank you for the time and consideration given to this resolution.  The Commission has a great deal of other business […]

A local eyewitness testifies at City Commission

by Laura Ford In January of 2019 I travelled with 48 others to explore the Holy Land and to gain an understanding of Palestine-Israel. Led by several pastors and designated Palestinian/ Israeli guides, we visited the usual and unusual areas for tourists: Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea Scroll site, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, the […]

Brief history and background of Israeli/Palestine conflict

Justice and Peace for the People of Palestine and Israel: What We Must Do   A very brief history… It is a common misconception that the struggle in Israel/Palestine has gone on for thousands of years and thus will never be resolved.  Actually, problems only began in the late 19th Century, when in response to […]