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Christian Sorensen presentation on the War Industry

Saturday morning, April 23, KNOW Zoom with Christian Sorensen. Christian is a researcher and author focused on the US war industry. A military veteran, he contributes frequently to media outlets. In this presentation Christian distills his 400-page book on the subject into an easily digestible and fascinating one hour. He […]

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2.9 % yard signs for peace

The U.S. spends the following annually on the military: $740 billion from the funds allocated by Congress to the Department of Defense ( $243.3 billion for Veterans benefits ( $49.4 billion for maintenance and upgrading nuclear weapons found in the Department of Energy budget ( >nnsa >budget) $48 billion in […]

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The Climate Crisis and Imperialism

The Climate Crisis and Imperialism: in order to have a future, we need to end both By Tyler Boes, KNOW outreach coordinator Sept. 4, 2019 According to a recent BBC article, the climate crisis is worse than scientists ever could’ve imagined, and we have less than two years to take […]

war is the enemy of the poor
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A study guide for the war budget

FEDERAL BUDGET ISSUES MONEY IN: REVENUE (Tax Receipts) MONEY OUT: EXPENDITURES (Government Spending/Public Investment) DEFICIT/SURPLUS= Difference (plus or minus) between revenue and expenditure in one fiscal year. Reflects political decisions. Current Deficit=$1.5 Trillion (Tripled from 2008 to 2009). NATIONAL DEBT= Accumulation of government borrowing over the years. 2001 Debt=$5 Trillion […]

Memorial Day March
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Military Budget

MILITARISM AND THE NATION’S PRIORITIES: As the military budget expands, the nation increasingly lacks the financial means and political will to deal with the true crises of our time, which include poverty, climate change, and the severe depletion of the earth’s resources. KNOW favors a drastic reduction of the military […]