News from KNOW May 2013

News from Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War (KNOW)

May 12, 2013

The KNOW planning meetings are at the First Presbyterian Church downtown.  Park and enter at rear of building.  Meeting is in the second floor library.  All are welcome to the planning meetings which are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 5:00 pm.

KNOW Sunday peace vigils at noon continue in front of the Federal Building downtown, and most Tuesdays at 4:00 pm as well.

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone – especially Tobi and Shadia – who helped make our May 2 Soup Dinner such a success!  Everybody’ s generosity– cooking, baking, donating items for the auction and the dinner, setting up, cleaning up, publicizing, etc., etc.!!–all added up to a great success!

Our event helped the Meta Peace Team (formerly Michigan Peace Team) explain what they do, as well as helping support their very important work!

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In this issue-

March to demand EPA clean up PCB’s !

City of compassion and peace event

Shutdown Palisades fundraiser and protests

Agent Orange speaker

Peace Pizzaz volunteers needed

Kenya presentation

Do Dah Parade contingent

Final thoughts

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March to Clean up PCB’s from our Kalamazoo community!

Wednesday, May 15th

5:00pm until 7:00pm

Come out and walk with us, from Homecrest Circle, to the Allied site gate, just west of Goodwill. Show the EPA we want a Cleanup, not a Coverup!

Bring your sign, or carry one of ours! Hear speakers, grab the microphone yourself. The EPA is watching! Show them that leaving 1.5 M cubic yards of PCB-contaminated waste in the middle of Kalamazoo is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

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Imagine Kalamazoo a City of Compassion and Peace

Kalamazoo Department of Peace Initiative invites all people dedicated to peace and justice for our third event to realize this vision.

Wednesday, May 15th, 7 – 9 pm.

First Baptist Church of Kalamazoo, 315 W. Michigan Avenue

When will we be able to drink from our rivers and streams?  Taking compassionate action to help Mother Earth and planning for the next 7 generations.

Speaker: Frank Ettawageshik of the Little Traverse Bands of Odawa Indians.

40 years of environmental public service, a potter and traditional story teller.

Frank is a member of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians where he served as Tribal Chairman for fourteen years.  Currently he’s on the University of Michigan Water Center Advisory Board, the MI Dept. of Environmental Quality Water Use Advisory Council, and the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Board of Directors.    Frank’s 40 years of public service have included serving on the Michigan Climate Action Council, the Michigan Great Lakes Offshore Wind Council, and the Michigan Ground Water Conservation Advisory Council.  He is also a potter and traditional story teller, believing that native people need to be rooted in their cultural and spiritual traditions in order to be prepared for the future.

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Kalamazoo Chapter-Michigan Safe Energy Future Sponsors

May 19th Benefit for “Shutdown Palisades Campaign”

Sunday, May 19, 5-9 p.m.

Old Dog Tavern, 403 Kalamazoo Ave., Kalamazoo, MI

269-381-5677, plenty of parking available

Great local musicians are donating their talents in support of this Campaign to Shutdown the Palisades nuclear reactor plant near South Haven on our Lake Michigan. Palisades is a major threat to the Kalamazoo area which is within the 50-mile radius radioactivity fallout and ingestion zone.

Performers for the Benefit are: Dunuya Drum and Dance; Duffield & Co.- Piano Blues-Boogie; Gypsy Sojourner- Folk and Blues (Catherine and Allen); Unusual Suspects-Blues; Wayfarers (Lynette & Tom). There will also be an Open Mike —“Your 1 Best Tune or Spoken Word.”

Donation: $5-$20+

Media Contacts:

Catherine Sugas, 269-692-2827

Iris Potter, 269-271-4342 Email: b.irispotter@

more info on Palisades from Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear, (240) 462-3216

1. Latest leak

Many of you have probably already seen media coverage about Palisades’ latest leak, of reportedly 79 gallons of radioactive water, into Lake Michigan last weekend. Below are a few links to more background information about the leak, our response to it, and media coverage.

Entergy’s Palisades leaks 79 gallons of radioactive water into Lake Michigan, forced to shut down:

U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Upton “outraged” at Palisades’ latest leak, calls for replacement of Safety Injection Refueling Water storage tank:

Union of Concerned Scientists’ Issue Brief: “Palisades’ Leaking SIRWT [Safety Injection Refueling Water Tank]”:

2. Monday, May 13th vigil

On Mon., May 13th, U.S. Representative Fred Upton and NRC Commissioner Kristine Svinicki will tour Palisades. Last Thursday, as soon as we learned of their sudden, impending visit, Michigan Safe Energy Future’s (MSEF) Bette Pierman requested a meeting, on behalf of our environmental coalition. It appears our request has been denied.

Congressman Fred Upton and Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Kristine Svinicki will hear from members of the public one way or another.  We will hold vigils at the front entrance to Entergy’s Palisades atomic reactor on Monday, May 13th. As we don’t know the exact time for their visit, we will hold two vigil sessions, one at noon, and one at 5 PM, Eastern time. Palisades is located at 27780 Blue Star Highway, Covert, MI 49043.

Please bring signs of opposition to the ongoing reactor risks, and continued generation of high-level radioactive waste at Palisades.

The time has come to permanently shut Palisades.  Bring your art and your heart and show Congressman Upton and NRC Commissioner Svinicki that we stand at the gate in opposition to Palisades.

Vigil assembly Monday 11:45 am (EST) for Live at Noon.   Again at 4:45 pm (EST) for Live at Five.

This is freedom of speech, as well as freedom of assembly, and petitioning our government (Upton, Svinicki) for redress of grievances. Bill of Rights protected activities. This is not an arrest scenario. The police will be notified ahead of time so that there are no surprises.

Please park on the shoulder of the road and stand on the public right of way, not Entergy private property.  Bring your art and bring your heart!

Some ideas for messaging on signs and banners are “Permanent Shutdown Before Meltdown!”…”No Fukushimas on the Lake Michigan Shore!”…”Palisades: Catastrophe Waiting to Happen!”…”We Told You So! For Decades Now!”…”Entergy: A Leak Per Week!”…”No Radioactive Spills in Lake Michigan!”…”Radioactivity: Bad for Children and Other Living Things!” All Peaceful Ideas Welcome!

Kevin Kamps plans to be there in a Little Dutch Boy costume. Bette Pierman plans to be there in a radiation protection suit costume. Others have suggested costumes involving rubber boots, mops, buckets, umbrellas, etc. — the kind of emergency equipment needed in the Palisades control room for the past two years, due to the SIRWT leaks!

Please spread the word, come if you can, and bring people with you!

3. Tuesday, May 14th Entergy open house

A couple weeks ago, before the latest leak, Entergy Nuclear announced an “open house” to be held at the Beach Haven Event Center (10420 M-140, South Haven Charter Township, MI 49090) on Tues. evening, May 14 from 5 to 7 PM. The Beach Haven Event Center is the same location where NRC has been holding its dog and pony shows for the past couple years, as well as where we held Dave Lochbaum/UCS’s presentation last month. See Entergy’s April 29 press release about it:

It appears that despite the latest leak, the open house will still happen. It would look bad for Entergy to postpone or cancel it.

Michigan Safe Energy Future (MSEF)-Shoreline Chapter, at its monthly meeting last week (MSEF Shoreline meets on the first Saturdays of each month at 1 PM, at the South Haven Memorial Library), decided to prepare a list of questions which would be asked to Entergy representatives at this open house.

While MSEF-Shoreline Chapter members are inside the open house, questioning Entergy representatives, others from our environmental coalition may be outside the open house, as in the parking lot, with signs and banners.

As about a dozen Entergy Nuclear Palisades, and even American Electric Power D.C. Cook, employees and PR directors attended Dave Lochbaum/UCS’s presentation on April 11th without disrupting it, although asking pointed questions during the Q&A time, we will return the favor, not disrupting Entergy’s open house, but asking pointed questions, and making sure our perspectives on and concerns about Palisades are heard and seen.

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Tuesday, May 14 at 6:30pm

Oshtemo branch of the Kalamazoo Public Library

WMU history professor Ed Martini will be giving a talk on his newest book ‘Agent Orange: History, Science and the Politics of Uncertainty’.

more information: http://www.kpl. gov/agent- orange/

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Volunteers Needed for Peace Pizzazz, Saturday, May 18th

Please consider giving of your time to help spread the message of “Harmony:  In Tune with One Another.” Our fifth annual children’s art and music festival takes place in Bronson Park from 1:30 to 4:00.  Our volunteer coordinator is Calvin Everly who can be reached at calvin.everly@gmailcom or 269-808-3830.  This may be a wonderful way for a youth group to put in service hours!!  We are in need of able bodies to:

* set up tables and chairs prior to the event (Arrival at 12:45 please)

* take down tables and chairs when it is over

*hand out bubbles to children just before our parade

* assist children off and on the stage during the program

*pick up litter after event (or anytime)

* keep order at our face painting tables   (long lines form here)

*sit at specific tables such as the DoP and Peace Pizzazz and help with merchandizing

Thank you!!  Hope to see you on the 18th of May!!!!!!

(Please forward this to anyone you think would be willing to help us with this awesome event. )

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Why were Kenya’s 2013 elections so different from

the last time? Something to celebrate!

You’re invited to hear David Zarembka, who’s on a speaking tour, talk about Peacemaking in Africa.

Monday, May 20, 2013, 7 pm.

Kalamazoo Friends Meeting

508 Denner St.


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Message about the Do-Dah parade to peace and justice groups:

We need your help in recruiting puppet makers and parade marchers for our

Do-Dah parade unit (at least 32 people) and/or help us build dove

puppets. Our Do-Dah Parade effort is an opportunity to engage your

members who normally don’t participate in meetings or other events.

Please share the four ways they can have fun helping to make peace visible

at the June Jubilee to thousands of spectators … who are potential

community peace makers.

Please invite your members to partiipcate in doing the Do-Dah with

us. Below is an article to support your communications to your members.

*We need RSVPs for parade marchers and material donations by May 24. *

*Let’s do the Do-Dah*

The DoP, KNOW, Peace Jam and Kalamazoo Friends Meeting have joined forces

to provide greater support and visibility for peace and justice activities

in our area. Our coalition is known as People for Peace and Social

Justice. Our first joint effort is to present a dramatization of

peace-building for the citizens of greater Kalamazoo by participating in

the Do Dah Parade on Saturday, June 8 at 11 a.m. in downtown Kalamazoo.

Our parade unit consists of Dove puppets (carried by 12 or more people) who

are dancing in flight protecting the earth. People in the center are

carrying/tossing a large earth ball. At the perimeter are misguided

business people (bad guys)wearing suits and carrying briefcases and or

tossing/bashing a smaller earth ball. They represent threats to mother

earth. Leading the unit are carriers of our banner and music director. At

the end of the unit will be the 8-foot Peace Mama puppet waving farewell

and blessing the spectators.

We need you and your special skills:

1. *Build Dove Puppets* & Rehearse marcher’s dance – Two paper mache’

puppet workshops are planned: May 25 at 1 p.m. and June 1 (possibly 10:00

a.m. – 4 p.m.)

2. *Donate used materials: * Corrugated cardboard, 1-2 inch brushes,

artist brushes, re-usable framed back packs, fabric (8 – 10 foot long

pieces of light weight fabric such as semi-sheer curtains and sheets), and

old briefcases (suitcase style).

3. *March in the parade *and wear designated costume*. * Be a Dove puppet

carrier (wear white top/jeans or navy bottom), bad guy (wear a suit and

tie(rumpled preferred)). Many other positions are available such as

banner carrier, ball tosser, music director (bring own music device/

speakers provided), videographer, photographer, media spokesperson, etc.

(wear green or navy top/jeans or navy bottom). * ALL parade participants

must be in costume. No printing or patterns on your clothes. Arrive at the

parade staging area (parking lot at the corner of Portage and Lovell) at

about 9 a.m. Saturday, June 8. The parade starts at 11 a.m. Bring water.*


4. *Be a Spectator:* Spread the word and bring family and friends to the

Do-Dah Parade and June Jubilee. Cheer us on in a big way.

Do Dah Parade: June 8 at 11 a.m.

Parade Route: Lovell to Park, Park to Michigan, Michigan to Portage,

Portage to Lovell.

June Jubilee details: http://www.junejubi

*Check your calendar now. RSVP by May 24* to march in the parade or

drop-off donations of used materials. Contact Raelyn or bobbi Jo about the

puppet work days. If you have questions, contact Raelyn (westside

drop-off) at raejoyce10@gmail. com 269-345-0489 or Bobbi Jo (eastside

drop-off) at bobbijog@live. com 269-998-7446

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Final thought…

Recently, Congress heard from business travelers stranded on flights delayed because of air traffic controller furloughs. It took only four days for the supposedly gridlocked Congress to ‘fix’ the sequester, just for them.

Congress refuses to hear the cries of the 800,000 jobless workers in 19 states who suffered cuts of an average of $120 a month in their unemployment checks.

Or the thousands of children about to be locked out of Head Start.

Or the disabled veterans who can’t get the Social Security benefits they earned because of cuts to the Social Security Administration.

It’s time to demand our Congress fulfill it’s duty to the American people, or we must elect representatives who will.

Thanks for all you do,

Daniel Smith. communications chair for KNOW