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Comments by Daniel Smith outside Rep. Huizenga’s office on June 5, 2024

Thank you for joining KNOW in standing in solidarity with the half-million people in Gaza who are starving due to an extreme lack of food and clean drinking water.

We are in the midst of a rolling hunger strike for a 1-month period, from May 17 to June 14. We encourage people to choose 1 or more day-long periods to fast from sun-up to sundown.

We urge Representative Bill Huizenga to use his voice and his position in the US House of Representatives, to work for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, to allow humanitarian aid to resume to help feed starving children and families, and to work for human rights for Palestinian people.

Save the Children states:

More than 15,000 Palestinian children have been killed over the past eight months, and Palestinian officials are warning over 3,500 children are at risk of death due to starvation.

17,000 children have lost both parents or at least one parent, imagine the trauma they are going through.

Doctors without borders:

“There’s an acronym that’s unique to the Gaza Strip, it’s WCNSF – wounded child, no surviving family – and it’s not used infrequently,” Dr Tanya Haj-Hassan who works with Doctors Without Borders told BBC News.

The expression captures the horror of the situation for many Gazan children. Their lives change in a second – their parents, siblings and grandparents are killed, and nothing is the same ever again.

World Health Organization:

Children are dying from the combined effects of malnutrition and disease and lack of adequate water and sanitation. The future of an entire generation is in serious peril.

UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell told the CBS News network last March:

“I have been in wards of children who are suffering from severe anaemia malnutrition, the whole ward is absolutely quiet. Because the children, the babies … don’t even have the energy to cry.”

She continued “Thousands more have been injured or we can’t even determine where they are. They may be stuck under rubble … We haven’t seen that rate of death among children in almost any other conflict in the world.”

Children do not fight and do not drop the bombs but they are paying the heaviest price.  Even if the bombing stops today and aid starts rolling in unimpeded, those kids who survive will be dealing with the long-term effects of malnutrition for the rest of their lives.

We must demand a ceasefire.  But Netanyahu is simply ignoring Biden’s entreaties.

The only way to peace, and then massive humanitarian aid, is for Biden to do what he should have done 8 months ago, stop all US military aid to Israel to force them to come to the table.

We say to Biden and Rep. Huizenga, Israel bombs, USA pays, how many kids did you kill today?